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2017 Year in Review

Happy New Year friends! I have been MIA this past month with a new very part-time job, the holidays and traveling, and this time of year tends to bring on a lot more stress for me. But I've been looking back on this past year and reflecting on how much I've learned and grown since starting this blog in May. I continue to remind myself that I started it in May and it can only go up from here. I'm really excited to see what this next year has in store.

This was definitely a year of growth for me. From starting the blog to opening up about my own struggles to figuring out what I want to do with my life. I. Have. Grown! Thank you to my husband and my dear friend, Sarah, for pushing me to test out the blogging world. Thanks to all of you for following along on this journey with me. These are the top 3 blog posts you viewed this past year.

 Real Talk

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Here are my favorites:

My favorite recipe was this Breakfast Bowl. Still without an updated picture but it's so, so delicious.


My favorite posts were Real Talk and Fit and Fabulous Moms.


Whew, 30 blog posts in 8 months isn't bad for a new writer. If you haven't yet subscribed to the blog, go to the right below categories to "follow blog via email" to get updates when new posts are published. Also feel free to share any posts that you think may help others by clicking on the social media link at the bottom. And lastly, please comment with any topics you'd like to see for upcoming posts.

Cheers to a great 2018!