Helping women with Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism find the right nutrition for their bodies, lower antibodies and improve symptoms to feel better and live a more normal life again.


Are you tired of holding onto that stubborn weight?

Are you exhausted and having trouble enjoying time with your family?

Do you struggle doing your normal day-to-day tasks?

Are you tired of hearing that your labs are “normal” but you still have the same debilitating symptoms? Or, you just aren’t having the right labs run by your doctor?

Are you confused by all of the information out there and not sure if food and nutrition can play a role in your health?

Let me help you!


“If you are struggling with a thyroid disorder, I recommend seeking Lindsay’s expertise. Prior to Lindsay’s help, I was struggling with fatigue, anxiety and trouble losing weight. She helped me get the right labs to now know I have Hashimoto’s. She also helped me with the right food and supplements to increase energy and lower my TSH. I now have the energy to exercise and motivation to eat healthy.” - Erica E.


Hi! I’m Lindsay, a registered dietitian specializing in thyroid disorders and food sensitivities. I aim at getting to the bottom of your health issues. I listen to your story and your personal concerns and work with you to create a specialized plan fit for your specific needs.


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